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In 2019 KDG celebrated its 25th jubilee and issued a special edition of the school magazine covering all our plays so far.

Kepler's Drama Group

Since 1997 the aim of Kepler's Drama Group has been to give students with both English and acting qualities a platform to show and improve their talent. Learning to act in a play, giving up one's own personality in order to slip into a completely different role for a limited amount of time is an essential addition to the standard syllabus at schools. Being a regular school subject in many other countries, acting improves self-confidence and speaking skills, which are extremely useful in many aspects of modern life


In May 2013 KDG participated in a Shakespeare Event staged by the English Shop Malmsheim and the Cinema Centre Weil der Stadt. After a short introduction about Shakespeare's life and works KDG performed two Scenes from "Romeo and Juliet", followed by the film "Shakespeare in love".


"My Fair Lady" was our greatest success ever! Thanks to everybody involved!


In June 2008 Kepler's Drama Group successfully participated in the Drama Contest in Pforzheim and won the Theatheo-Award.


In June 2010 our KDG participated in the Play "No Dumping" in cooperation with the Muka-Project Drama Group from South Afrika.