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The play:

The paddle steamer „Lotus“ is about to leave port, the passengers are boarding. Two of these are the newlywed Simon and Kay Mostyn. A voyage upon the <st1:place w:st="on">Nile</st1:place> should be a perfect honeymoon, but that all changes when Jackie, Simon’s ex-fiancée boards the ship. In fact, the honeymoon turns into a nightmare and not everybody on the ship will survive this trip... Luckily, one of the passengers happens to be Hercule Poirot, who starts to investigate immediately...         Enjoy!!


“Difficulties are there to be overcome…” this seemed to be the motto of our new production. These started with the first look into the textbook (“No Hercule Poirot?!”), tough rehearsals (“Is there anyone here who knows his text today?”), a stage of which nobody knew what it should really look like, a photo-shooting that had to be done all over again because the memory card was defective, actors whose timetable suddenly showed regular lessons instead of rehearsal times, bruised ribs (“ouch!”) and more things like that happening all the time...


Nevertheless, “Death On The <st1:place w:st="on">Nile</st1:place>” is a true Agatha Christie classic which has always been very popular, be it as a book, as a film or on stage. A gripping story with an intricate murder plot, which is rather difficult to solve…if you’re not Hercule Poirot, that is (who we put back into the play, of course!).

By the time you are reading this, all difficulties should have been overcome and everything should be ready so that Kepler’s Drama Group can present yet another successful performance. We hope you’ll like it…


M. Vielhaber, KDG director


This play will be dedicated to Mr Faber, our headmaster who will sadly be retiring soon. Thank you ever so much for your help and support over so many years. Kepler's Drama Group wishes you all the best for the time to come!


M. Vielhaber and all members of Kepler's Drama Group



                           Death on the <st1:place w:st="on">Nile</st1:place>                                                                                          

             Kepler´s Drama Group Season 2005/2006



                           Hercule Poirot , the famous detective

                                             Stefan Reuter

                    Simon Mostyn , a young Englishman

                                        Christoph Hauber

                                   Kay Mostyn, Simon´s wife

                                      Claudine Mutschler

                                   Louise Bourget, their maid

                       Marlies Klein/ Johanna Ludwig

                 Jaqueline de Severac, Simon´s ex-fiancée

                                   Marlene Starke

                                    William Smith, a  socialist

                           Oliver Hauber/ Christopher Rehm

                                             Doctor Bessner

                        Timo Schäfer/Moritz Hiller

                    Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes, an elderly lady

                             Julia Binder/ Sarah Müller

                                    Christina Grant, her niece

                           Anja Keicher/Angela Derka

                                         Egyptian Beadsellers

                     Stefanie Gutzan/Alexander Woyczyk

                                   The steward of the „Lotus“

                                               Elisa Starke

                     McNaught, captain of the „Lotus“

                                 Peter Drescher

                                     Egyptian police officers  

                               Thomas Ruppert/Peter Drescher

                                            Technical staff

                      Manuel Bergold/Thomas Ruppert


              Anja Keicher/Kristina Derka/Angela Derka


                                   Martin Vielhaber

         Our  special thanks to the following people:

         The  parents, especially Mrs Keicher, Mrs Derka and

         Mr Starke, Mr. Sack, Mrs. K.Knecht, Mr. Hammer and 

         Mr. Biemel and the whole staff of the café „Rieder“