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Lord Montague

Valentin Fischer

Lady Montague

Jessica Leiser

Romeo, their son

Robin Weidle

Benvolio, his cousin

Ana Antonovici/Judith Schlegel

Mercutio, his friend

Tara Towhidi

Abram, a servant

Mara Kramer

Balthasar, a servant

Seraphine Armbruster



Lord Capulet

Tobias Constien

Lady Capulet

Elena Augenstein

Juliet, their daughter

Sarah Rehm/Nina Rehm

Tybalt, her cousin

Fabian Ochs

Juliet’s Nurse

Tamara Mayer

Peter, a servant

Niclas Moser

Sampson, a servant

Benedikt Augenstein

Gregory, a servant

Jonathan Vielhaber



Prince Escales of Verona

Lara Mitic

The County Paris

Julian Hofmann


Viviane Wolter


Fee Rössle



Mother Laurence

Eva Beißwanger

Sister Joan

Fee Rössle



An Apothecary

Paul Schell

The Chorus

– “ –



Technical staff

Konrad Klein, Marco Schwarz, Johannes Görres, Dennis Eisele


Martin Vielhaber

William Shakespeare is known as “the bard” all over Britain. He is simply the most important playwright England has ever had and – arguably – perhaps the best-known author in the world.

His successful plays are manifold: “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “Macbeth”, King Lear”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to name but a few. However, nowadays his plays are a difficult task to perform, especially for a school drama group. In Shakespeare’s time, women were not allowed to act on stage (originally, even Juliet had to be played by a teenage boy!), so there are only a few roles for women in his plays. Romeo and Juliet is the only exception with a few more female characters, which made me suggest the play last year. We all had great respect for this task, as this meant learning lines in Shakespeare’s blank verses and making a real effort with the stage (e.g. the famous balcony-scene!).

Anyway, lots of hard work and many hours of rehearsals took us nearer to our goal and tonight you’ll witness Shakespeare in his original language and cast…oh well, not quite. Admittedly there are some small cuts in the plot and in opposite to the 16th century we’ll not have boys playing girls but the other way round, which we’ve also never done before. But that was the price we were willing to pay to do something unique: performing Romeo and Juliet with our KDG! As you like it…

M. Vielhaber (KDG director)

Special Thanks to Mrs Rehm and Anna Miller for designing the poster, Mrs Kramer and Mrs Mayer for the catering as well as Mr Gäckle and Mr Biemel, our caretakers.


Sejla Idrizi, Robin Waberzinek and Dina Fichtner helped us enormously with constructing and decorating the stage.

1. Akt

1. Szene: Der Prinz beendet ein Gefecht zwischen Capulets und Montagues. Benvolio erfährt von Romeos Liebeskummer mit Rosaline.

2. Szene: Paris möchte Julia heiraten, Capulet lädt ihn ein, sie auf dem Ball nächer kennen zu lernen. Peter soll die Fest-Gäste einladen, er bittet Romeo ihm die Namen vorzulesen – Benvolio hat die Idee, auch auf diesen Ball zu gehen.

3. Szene: Lady Capulet erzählt Julia und deren Amme von Paris‘ Heirats-Wünschen.

4. Szene: Romeo wird von Benvolio und Mercutio überredet auf den Ball der Capulets zu gehen.

5. Szene: Liebe auf den ersten Blick: Auf dem Ball lernt Romeo Julia kennen, der erste Kuss. Tybalt, außer sich vor Wut, will einen Kampf mit Romeo anfangen, aber Capulet hält ihn zurück.

2. Akt

1. Szene: Romeo meidet seine Freunde, die über seine Liebe für Rosaline lästern.

2. Szene: Julia redet über ihre neue Liebe, sie merkt nicht, dass Romeo ihr zuhört. Als er sich zu erkennen gibt, richten sie es ein, dass sie über Julias Amme in Verbindung bleiben.

3. Szene: Romeo überredet Mother Laurence ihn und Julia zu verheiraten.

4. Szene: Benvolio und Mercutio reden über Tybalts Herausforderung, Romeo steigt in die Diskussion ein – bis die Amme kommt. Romeo offenbart ihr seine Pläne für die Hochzeit.

5. Szene: Die Amme erzählt Julia von Romeos Vorhaben für die Trauung.

6. Szene: Mother Laurence verheiratet Romeo und Julia.

3. Akt

1. Szene: Romeo lehnt Tybalt’s Herausforderung ab, stattdessen nimmt Mercutio sie an. In dem folgenden Gefecht werden Mercutio und Tybalt getötet, Romeo wird aus Verona verbannt.

2. Szene: Die Amme bringt Julia die schlechten Nachrichten: Tybalt ist tot und Romeo verbannt.

3. Szene: Mother Laurence versucht Romeo zu trösten und eine Lösung für die entstandenen Probleme zu finden.

4. Szene: Capulet beginnt Julias und Paris‘ Hochzeit zu planen.


5. Szene: Romeo muss Verona und damit auch Julia verlassen. Lady Capulet eröffnet Julia die Entscheidung ihres Vaters bzgl. ihrer Heirat.

4. Akt

1. Szene: Mother Laurence hat eine Idee, wie die Situation zu retten ist.

2. Szene: Die Vorbereitungen für Julias Hochzeit beginnen; Julia gibt scheinbar den Wünschen ihres Vaters nach und willigt ein, Paris zu heiraten.

3. Szene: Alleine in ihrem Bett nimmt Julia Mother Laurences Droge, die sie tot erscheinen lässt.

4. Szene: Die Vorbereitungen für die Hochzeit dauern an; die Amme geht Julia aufwecken.

5. Szene: Die Amme findet Julias ‚Leiche‘, die ganze Familie betrauert ihren ‚Tod’.

5. Akt

1. Szene: Balthasar berichtet Romeo von Julias Tod; Romeo kauft Gift.

2. Szene: Mother Laurence erfährt, dass der Brief, der Romeo über ihre Pläne informieren hätte sollen, ihn niemals erreicht hat. Daraufhin eilt sie zur Grabkammer der Capulets.

3. Szene: Romeo begegnet Paris in Julias Grabmal und  tötet ihn im Duell. Mother Laurence kommt zu spät, um Romeo zu retten und Juliet begeht Selbstmord, nachdem sie den toten Romeo gesehen hat. Mother Laurence erstattet den Capulets, Montagues und dem Prinzen Bericht. Angesichts ihrer toten Kinder schließen die Familien endlich Frieden.

Act 1

Scene 1: The Prince stops a fight between Capulets and Montagues. Benvolio learns of Romeo’s lover’s grief with Rosaline.

Scene 2: Paris is eager to marry Juliet; Capulet wants them to get close aquainted at the family ball. Peter, who has to deliver the invitations, asks Romeo to read them for him – Benvolio has the idea to join the guests at the ball.

Scene 3: Lady Capulet tells Juliet and her Nurse about Paris’s proposal of marriage.

Scene 4: Benvolio and Mercutio persuade Romeo to go to Capulet’s ball.

Scene 5: Love at first sight: Romeo meets Juliet at the ball, they have their first kiss. Tybalt, who is outraged by Romeo’s presence, wants to start a fight but Capulet stops him.

Act 2

Scene 1: Romeo hides from his friends, who joke about his love for Rosaline.

Scene 2: Juliet sighs out her new love, unaware that Romeo is listening. He reveals himself and they arrange to stay in contact by a messenger – the Nurse.

Scene 3: Romeo persuades Mother Laurence to marry him to Juliet.

Scene 4: Benvolio and Mercutio talk about Tybalt’s challenge, Romeo joins their discussion – then the Nurse comes and Romeo informs her about his plans for the wedding.

Scene 5: The Nurse tells Juliet about Romeo’s arrangements for their marriage.

Scene 6: Romeo and Juliet are married by Mother Laurence.

Act 3

Scene 1: Romeo refuses Tybalt’s challenge, so Mercutio takes his place. In the following fight both Mercutio and Tybalt are killed, Romeo is banished from Verona.

Scene 2: The Nurse tells Juliet about Romeo’s banishment and Tybalt’s death.

Scene 3: Mother Laurence tries to console Romeo and find a solution for the problems that have arisen.

Scene 4: Capulet plans Juliet’s marriage to Paris.


Scene 5: Romeo must leave Verona and with it Juliet; whose mother brings her the news of her father’s wedding-arrangements.

Act 4

Scene 1: Mother Laurence has an idea how to save the situation.

Scene 2: The preparations for the wedding start; Juliet seemingly gives in to her father’s wishes and agrees to marry Paris.

Scene 3: When she is alone in her bedroom, Juliet takes Mother Laurence’s drugs, which make her seem dead.

Scene 4: The preparations for the wedding go on; the Nurse goes to wake up Juliet.

Scene 5: Juliet’s ‘corpse’ is found by the Nurse, the whole family laments her ‘death’.

Act 5

Scene 1: Balthasar tells Romeo the news of Juliet’s death; Romeo buys poison.

Scene 2: Mother Laurence learns that the letter, which would have informed Romeo about her plans, didn’t reach him; she therefore hurries to the Capulet’s vault.

Scene 3:             Romeo finds Paris at Juliet’s tomb and kills him in a fight. Mother Laurence is too late to save Romeo and Juliet kills herself after seeing Romeo dead. Mother Laurence explains everything to the Capulets, Montagues and the Prince. Facing their dead children the families finally agree to make peace between their houses.